The “Metaforme” project is born for “inhabituel”, an exhibition organized by Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.

As a child I used to push my bed into the middle of the room, I would jump on it and start to navigate. At that point nobody could reach me because all around me there was the sea. The objects I designed for Inhabituel, almost like that bed of mine as a child, are not thought to answer a need, but actually to affirm his existence through a theatrical gesture.
These objects are an instrument to express a state of being, to identify, support and amplify it; quick moments of consciousness to demarcate a space, to fix a moment, conceived to be questioned and maybe refused in a continuous mutating process. The objects themselves affirm a feeling, but at the same time reduce its importance and underline its temporality, suggesting the existence of a different condition, possibly opposite and contradictory, but as much human and necessary. Each object presents a double interpretation, revealed by flipping them upside down, offering the possibility to understand different and paradoxical conditions.