Key System

We wanted to design a magic box, a container to fill according to the widest possible range of desires and expectations, able to satisfy the needs and typical imagery of the kitchen and, at the same time, to break through its boundaries into other areas of the home.
We wanted to design a versatile and chameleon-like system with a strong personality and also the sobriety necessary to accompany all the kitchens in the Schiffini collection.
Key System is the result of a partnership between Alfonso Arosio and Elia Mangia, two designers who met at the European Institute of Design, where both teach, during a partnership between the design school and Schiffini.
Key System is an innovative storage system which, owing to its peculiarities, stands halfway between kitchen and living room furniture.
It is a complete innovation for Schiffini, which up to now had used traditional columns for its kitchens.
This system looks like a modular box whose perimetric frame contains closed volumes and open spaces. The alternation of these elements couples
order with vitality and gives the option for innumerable chromatic combinations and material contrasts.
As all elements have been designed to be accessible from the front and back, they are suitable for making up wall compositions as well as partition structures.

Using the depth of the spaces to the full, Key System houses a wide range of exclusive birch plywood accessories: equipped shelves, sliding elements, removable containers, worktops and drawers.
The system also has plenty of space for household appliances.
The system includes leaf doors and coplanar sliding doors with a soft closing mechanism, with either flush handles or externally mounted handles.
The doors and the external finishing frame are available in all the wood and lacquered finishes of the Schiffini range.
The internal structure consists of high quality wooden panels.